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I am

  • 19 Yo. Will 20 at 10 of August
  • Living in Bandung. And, I miss my hometown, Serang—Banten :)
  • Kuliah enggak bener di salah satu Universitas swasta di Bandung mengambil konsentrasi Teknik Informatika. Gue ngerasa salah jurusan, tapi gak apa-apa live must goes on. Sengaja enggak pakai bahasa Inggris, hahaha.
  • Mahasiswa Semester 4


I love reading, now I am reading:


Share my thoughts and what I’ve reading & learning.

  • Userlabs yes, this blog.
  • BesokSenin. My Medium publication to serve Indonesian reader fresh content about Front-end Development, JavaScript, and Startup. Currently, all articles are written by me, wanna contribute? Drop me email: human@besoksenin.info


  • Design Fundamentals
  • Design Principles
  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Redux || Mobx
  • React Native (switch from Cordova)
  • Rollup (I use webpack for module bundling, and want to getting know what Rollup is and how it works)
  • Building Community

Personal Project

  • ReadLater Design Curating best books for Developer & Designer. Use referral link to monetize it
  • Building community of Freelancers & Remote Workers in Indonesia. Will test it soon (before publish it), still brainstorm my idea. Interesting to collab with me?

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